Organic Ball Pits

Made In Canada With Love

We are proud to be manufacturing in Canada not only because it supports the local economy, but also because it allows for faster iterations and constant supervision of the quality.

Our Foam

✓ Soy Based Organic Foam (Non Toxic)
✓  100% Made in Canada
✓  Certi-PUR certified open-cell polyurethane foam 
✓  Made without flame retardants
✓  Free of formaldehyde, phlatates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. 

CPC Certified

Our Ball Pits Have passed CPSC Certifications both here in Canada & the United States.
✓  100% quality tested
✓  Safe for kids

Our Fabric

Our Micro brushed Velveteen has a soft low pile, a velvety smooth finish with subtle modeling effect throughout.
✓  100% machine washable
✓  Commercial quality and durable
✓  Soft low pile with a velvety smooth finish with subtle modeling effect

Baby Playing In A White Ball Pit
Gray Ball Pit With Balls
Baby Playing In A Gray Ball Pit
White Ball Pit For Kids With Balls
Toddler Playing In A White Ball Pit
Blue Ball Pit With Plastic Balls For Kids
Baby Playing And Smiling In A White Ball Pit
Beige Ball Pit With Colourful Balls
Two Babies Playing In A Ball Pit
Gray Ball Pit For Toddlers With Balls
Toddler Playing In A White Ball Pit
Organic Big Velvet Ball Pit + 400 Balls
Organic Big Velvet Ball Pit + 400 Balls
Organic Big Velvet Ball Pit + 400 Balls

Organic Big Velvet Ball Pit + 400 Balls

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Organic Big Velvet Ball Pit + 400 Balls White $293.00

The Balu Organics Premium Big Ball Pit is chic and minimalist and will add a touch of modern charm to your home’s decor. Made from super cushy fabric designed to prevent bumps and bruises, this high grade, non-toxic foam pit is safe for your tot to play with, jump in, and explore. The included crush-proof balls are light and durable, and are just the right size for your little one’s hands to grasp, toss, and explore!

Key features:

  • Comes with 4 sets of 100 balls
  • Carefully crafted of soy-based foam sourced in Canada
  • Balls are made from BPA-free LPDE plastic
  • Balls are crush-proof and chemical-free
  • Ultra-safe materials protect your baby during play
  • Due to the round shape of the balls, they are very dimensionally stable
  • Base is attached by zipper
  • Age recommendation: 6 months +
  • Dimensions:
    • The medium pit has an approximate diameter of 34.65" across including the sides.  Height is 16.9"
    • Balls: 2.36" in Diameter

As Featured On

This ball pit that'll be a winner with the tots in your life. It's made of soft memory foam and cotton, so it's super gentle for even the littlest members of the family.

BuzzFeed | Nov 2020

Go ahead, ball out for your baby.

This 400-piece ball pit from Balu Organics is straight out of Chuck E. Cheese but without all the other kids’ germs.

New York Post | November 2021
New York, NY

If you’re stuck inside and searching for an activity that’s sure to see daily use, look no further than a ball pit. We love the soft organic fabric and neutral color scheme of this one.

The Bump | October 2021


Premium - Soy Based Organic Foam. For those looking for an organic foam.

Ultimate - The highest Soy Based Organic Foam. This foam is green and has a higher resiliency than both our premium and original.  This is truly the best foam on the market. 

Please note, even though our foam is non-toxic, it is recommended that you always keep the cover on while your little one is playing. They have teeth that can bite through the foam, potentially causing a choking hazard.

The ball pit fabric cover is removable and washable.  We recommend hand-washing the fabric or machine-washing only on a delicate or gentle cycle.  Wash cold by itself and hang dry to prevent shrinking.

Please note the foam is not washable and we do not recommend using a dryer setting for the fabric.

For small spills or stains, we recommend spot cleaning with a moist cloth or a carpet/upholstery cleaner.  Any household carpet and upholstery cleaner will do the job.

We also recommend washing all the balls just in case any residue from shipping or making them is left. 

While designing our product, we attempted as best as we could to source our materials locally and manufacture our products here in Canada.

As of today, we are proud that our product design is made in Montreal, our foam and zippers fabricated in Quebec, and our covers fully manufactured in Laval. While we do intend to eventually source our fabric locally, we currently procure fabrics made in China through a trusted Canadian distributor.

We believe that sourcing and manufacturing locally allows us to not only keep a tight control on our product’s quality, but also to support other local businesses that provide more jobs for Canadians.

With us you can rest assured that your hard-earned money is supporting our local economy and workers.

Altogether, the play couch weights about 22 pounds. The base pieces are equipped with an easy-to-use handle so that the hands of your little humans can easily move them around.

Please be sure to always watch your child while in the ball pit.  A child should never be left unsupervised.  

Please note that if a baby leans or falls over on a side the pit is designed so the side will collapse with the baby.  In addition ball pit can tip over as well. 

Once in a while cold air can make the balls deflate a bit.  

Just warm the dented balls by a heater for about 10-15 seconds and they will expand.  Sometimes our balls are stored in areas such as Shipping warehouses there and can be cold especially during the winter.

This can cause the balls to deflate a bit.  

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