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TLN Bookshelf
TLN Bookshelf

TLN Bookshelf

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TLN Bookshelf $262.00

Create with this Montessori shelf an ideal environment to lead to more imaginative play, foster learning, and facilitate language development. It is designed to be low in height and open, giving the children access to everything on it.

Unlike overflowing toy boxes, Montessori shelves are organized and uncluttered. Giving access to the shelves allows your kid to make their own decision and choose what they want to play with. Once the playtime is over, kids have easy access to put the toys back to the shelves. This promotes on the little ones organizational skills and independence. 

Montessori bookshelves help organizing the playroom or the bedroom, but also,  expose a limited selection of toys your child can choose from, avoiding get the little one overwhelmed. Toy rotation are a great idea to keep them interested without getting bored.

This is the perfect Montessori shelf. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and modern. This wooden bookcase will help you to organize your kid's space conveniently and compactly.

It takes about 15 minutes to assemble the Bookshelf (hardware, tools, and instructions are provided)Coated with a non-toxic clear finish with smooth edges.


  • Length - 32.25"
  • Height - 25"
  • Depth - 14.5"

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