The Play Couch

Made In Canada With Love

We are proud to be manufacturing in Canada not only because it supports the local economy, but also because it allows for faster iterations and constant supervision of the quality.

We talk directly to the seamstresses and brainstorm with them to improve our quality. We get to ask about their families, and share our successes all together.

Our Foam

✓  100% Made in Canada
✓  Certi-PUR certified open-cell polyurethane foam 
✓  1.5 lb/ft3 foam, rated at 60 Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) unit
✓  Made without flame retardants
✓  Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
✓  Free of formaldehyde, phlatates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. 

Our Fabric

Our Micro brushed Velveteen has a soft low pile, a velvety smooth finish with subtle modeling effect throughout.
✓  100% machine washable
✓  Commercial quality and durable
✓  Non-slip and perfect for that “stay in place build”
✓  Soft low pile with a velvety smooth finish with subtle modeling effect
✓  Passes fire retardant standards without adding any sprays or extra chemicals
✓  Fabric composition: 100% Polyester and the backing is 50% cotton/50% polyester

Trimmings and packaging

Zippers, thread and labels are all sourced and manufactured within a 5km radius from our main manufacturing facility in Laval.

Packaging components including our play guides and boxes are manufactured in Ontario.
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack
Wedge Pack

Wedge Pack

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Wedge Pack Cool Cucumber $469.00

For kids who are constantly on the move, our Wedges will inspire new builds and more pretend play options. Transforming from a mountain, to a wall or a slide in a few seconds, our Wedges will encourage movement evermore!

✓ Machine Washable
✓ Durable Micro Velveteen fabric
✓ CertiPUR-US® Canadian high-density foam

Designed to fit with our Play Couch Collection
Each pack comes with 2 wedges
20 in x 30 in x 15 in

wedge size

Play Couch Dimensions

The Play Couch

The Half Play Couch

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Research and product development

Our concept and design was made in Montréal by Diana, not only one of our co-founders but a toy and Product Designer by trade.

Pattern design & Cutting

Our seamstresses with more than 30 years experience in the furniture and upholstery industry drew the patterns to bring it to life and with the support of our very own top of the line electronic cutting table, we optimize fabric consumption to reduce waste.

Sewing our covers

Our team of seamstresses working within our factory in Laval, Québec then handles the process from beginning to end.

This not only guarantees constant product quality, it also gives us the ability to make adjustments on the spot when needed and to oversee quality control of the entire process.

Quality control and packaging

We then fill your covers with foam, verify the zipper tuck safely and prepare your shipment to go!

We keep everything local as our way of encouraging the Canadian economy and of supporting our fellow business owners across the country.


"The Play Couch" consists of 4 modular pieces. Two flat pieces (each one of them with two sets of foam sewn together) and two trapezoid-like pillows which, when assembled, can make a beautiful couch for the entire family. But the same pieces also have superpowers: they can transform into anything the mind desires; from rocket ships to castles - the possibilities are endless!

To reduce its size for shipment purposes, the play couch must be compressed before making its way to you.

While this has no negative effect on the foam over the short time periods used by our shippers to get it to you, prolonged compression beyond this period could result in the play couch not only taking more time to resume its normal shape, but also in potential damage to the foam density. We strongly recommend opening the box as soon as it is received for best results.

While designing our product, we attempted as best as we could to source our materials locally and manufacture our products here in Canada.

As of today, we are proud that our product design is made in Montreal, our foam and zippers fabricated in Quebec, and our covers fully manufactured in Laval. While we do intend to eventually source our fabric locally, we currently procure fabrics made in China through a trusted Canadian distributor.

We believe that sourcing and manufacturing locally allows us to not only keep a tight control on our product’s quality, but also to support other local businesses that provide more jobs for Canadians.

With us you can rest assured that your hard-earned money is supporting our local economy and workers.

Altogether, the play couch weights about 22 pounds. The base pieces are equipped with an easy-to-use handle so that the hands of your little humans can easily move them around.

Because kids’ safety is our top priority, we are only making the Coconut out of certified CertiPUR-US® foam, which is the golden industry standard. This means that there are no flame retardants, no mercury, no lead nor any other heavy metals, no formaldehyde and no phlatates. VOC’s are also minimal to protect indoor air quality.

After rigorous testing with our own little ones, we have chosen a foam with an ILD of 60 with 1.5lbs /ft3. This selection was made so that the play couch would remain more lightweight for kids to be capable of moving pieces around on their own, but also because of the thickness of both of our bases, which ensures strength and durability over time.

Most of our Play Couch orders will be compressed before being packaged and sent to you. Only certain orders in Quebec and Ontario will be uncompressed.

The Play Couch is only compressed as it is getting ready to be sent out to you, and can easily remain in it box for up to two weeks without any issue. We do however recommend that you do not wait any longer, as foam cells compressed for too long risk being damaged.

The Play Couch is made of a Micro Brushed Velveteen (polyester and cotton blend) that is perfect to prevent pieces from slipping away from each other and hold builds together! It has a soft low pile, a velvety finish with subtle modeling effect throughout. You will love the smooth sensation and the look of its velvety finish too!.

Our fabric passes fire retardant standards without adding any sprays or extra chemicals! (CALTB117-2013, NFPA 260 Class 1, UFAC Class 1) 

We always thought that modular foam furniture was exciting but, as parents, finding a set to purchase for our own kids here in Canada has always been difficult!

Not only did we feel Canadian families desired more accessibility to such product, we also thought they would prefer something manufactured locally, here in Canada!

First, our 2 flat pieces measure 30 inches (76.2 centimetres) deep by 60 inches ( 152.4 centimetres) long and 5 inches (12.7 centimetres) thick. We chose this design to enable kids to create steadier builds while also offering more cushiness. Next, our 2 trapezoid-like pillows which we call the beams, measure 30 inches in length (76.2 centimetres), 15 inches wide (38.1 centimetres) and 10 inches (25.4 centimetres) high. They were also designed with a flat top to provide more options for builds and play.

Absolutely! We have kids of our own and completely understand how those little hands can sometimes get into mischief!

The fabric covers can be easily removed at any time and are 100% machine washable.

We recommend washing in cold water and hang drying to prevent fabric shrinkage and keep the colours as intact as possible. We also suggest using a water-based detergent.

The fabric isn’t waterproof. We made this decision because we wanted our fabric to be chemicals free for your children’s protection. 

But we do understand that kids can make some messes, so we have a waterproof foam lining available for purchase separately here. This will give you the extra protection to keep the soft interior of your coconut white.

For now, we are only offering our products in Canada.

We are very confident in the quality of our manufacturing. We've equipped it with superior zippers, handles and seams.

If, however, you find a manufacturing defect within the first year of normal use, our limited one-year warranty has got you covered! Just take a few pictures and email us at with your original order number and we will handle it. It's that simple.

Covers' Warranty

Because we proudly create each individual cover locally within our Laval facilities, we feel confident in the high quality of our manufacturing. To ensure that each of you feels the same when purchasing our product, each cover comes with a limited warranty on manufacturing during the first year.

While this warranty does not cover any accidental damage, please note that we will always be there to support you, even beyond the scope of the warranty if needed. Regardless of how long you have had your Play Couch and the nature of the issue, reaching out to customer service is always a good idea.


Less than 2 weeks

Upon reception, we recommend quickly inspecting your Play Couch out of safety. Although problems are exceptionally rare as we pack and inspect each couch ourselves only moments prior to shipping them to you, alas we are only human, and we might have missed a small detail!

Within the first 2 weeks following the reception of your couch, we will fully replace any damaged cover with a brand new one, entirely free of charge, while including shipping labels for you to return the damaged ones back to us so we can find a new family for them in our Almost New covers.

Up to 6 months

Once the 2 weeks have passed, rest assured we still have you covered! However, to account for the minute possibility that usage would have its part to play with the problem, we will proceed with a full repair of your covers entirely free of charge including shipping back & forth, over a replacement. This ability to repair covers contributes to our commitment to attain zero waste and is a core part of our long-term efforts to make the world a greener place.

Up to a year

Although the The Play Couch is built to last through rough play for endless hours, as time passes, the likelihood of problems is naturally likely to increase. Shall a problem arise between 6 months to a year, we so strongly believe in our quality that we will still proceed with a repair of your covers free of charge and return them to you. However, we will request that you ship the covers to us on your own terms to reflect the possibility that usage is also responsible for the concern after being in possession of it for more than 6 months.

After the first year

Our aim is to always be there to support you, family never goes away! Simply reach out to our customer service while explaining the situation, and we will assess each case individually to find a suitable solution.

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