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Discover the joy of play with True Little North™

As a leading manufacturer of premium wooden climbers and a carefully curated selection of sustainable and eco-friendly products from other reputable brands, we prioritize quality, longevity, and sustainability in everything we do.

Our commitment to natural materials and responsible manufacturing practices means you can trust our toys and products to be safe, long-lasting, and gentle on the planet.

Our products are designed to grow with your child, promoting their development and imagination in a safe and stimulating environment. Shop True Little North™ today and join us in our mission to empower children, nurture families, and protect our planet.

Organic Ball Pits

Crafted with "soy-based" foam and non-toxic materials.

Delight your children with a safe and sustainable playtime experience. Explore the eco-friendly collection of ball pits today, designed to spark imagination and ensure endless hours of joyful play.

"little chef"

Learning tower

True Little North™ Kitchen Tower has a very unique mechanism to allow you to adjust the height as your Little Chef grows. You can easily pull it out and change it to the desired height.

We have also added a smart locking mechanism to the tray pocket, allowing it to lock itself. This takes away the stress of having to take it apart each time you need to change the height and doesn't require any tools. 

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Non-Toxic Play Mats & Play Pens

ALZiP play mats and playpens designed with your child's safety and well-being in mind.

These play mats are the only mat that are crafted with "food-grade materials", ensuring they are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals.

Discover the perfect combination of safety and comfort for your little one with our premium collection.

Explore the benefits of our ALzip playmats and playpens, providing a safe and healthy environment for play and exploration.



The item is made with such impeccable quality; the wood is polished and finished so smoothly that it’s perfectly safe for those little hands and feet. My one year old loves it so much and it’s the best gift I can give her.

Vicky L.

Purchased for my grandson, who loves this climbing frame. I am an engineer, and was very impressed by the novel locking mechanism. This a high quality precision-made product that nevertheless has a hand crafted feel to it.

Mark K.

When I first discovered this pikler, I thought it might be too good to be true, but it is honestly amazing! I'm so happy with our purchase, I can't wait to expand our set!

Daisy M.

Amazing!! Customer service, quality, everything about the products that I purchased were great. Plus they came super quickly as well.

Lia P.

The transformable rocker arch is a very well-made, beautiful product. The « transformable » feature is an amazing concept which provides many more ways to use it while also allowing for easy storage. In terms of purchasing experience, customer service was wonderful. Highly recommend!

Laurence C.