Safety First

Color Folder Playmat, Deluxe Folder Playmat and Playpen: materials are non-toxic. Free from heavy metals, including VOCs Formaldehyde, Flame Retardants, Bisphenol A, Toluene, 2-Methoxyethylacetate, and Nitrobenzene. For more information about safety you can access to all the 3rd party lab test results HERE. Color Folder Playmat and Deluxe Folder Playmat come pre-steam washed 3 times, odour free.

Climbers: Please pay close supervision at all time to your child/children while playing with our products. Climbing and being at any height off the ground level can be dangerous, We strongly suggest placing the Climbers on carpet or soft surfaces, and adding cushions/padding around while the kids learn how to climb. Place the Climbers away from other objects and sharp corners. Do not place near stairs, ledges, or drops. Only allow parents/guardians to adjust the angles or move the climbers. Always properly secure the hardware included in the correct locations as instructed in the Manuals. Use your best judgment when changing angles based on your children's age, balance, and climbing capabilities. We highly recommend using our products without feet coverings such as socks, slippers, or other items that may cause slipping. Please always respect the age limitations and maximum weight limit for each product mentioned on our website and instruction manuals. Inspect all the components of climber frequently. Limit the number of children on the climber at the same time to reduce the risk of injury. We suggest one child at a time on the climber. 

Transformable Pikler Triangle: minimum age 3 years old.

Adjustable Pikler Triangle: minimum age 3 years old.

Furniture: Bookshelves/Bookdisplays must be secured to the wall with brackets. If need any wall brackets, kindly contact us.

Should any of our products look unsafe due to poor manufacturing, wear, breakage, or any other reason, STOP using them immediately and contact us for either repairs or replacement.

Individual elements of the natural color variant of the product may slightly vary due to the natural feature of wood or finish. Colors may slightly vary as per the pictures due to the light conditions.

Use of our products by a user is at the User or Parent/Guardians risk.

Any questions or concerns? contact us at