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Dina The Deer
Dina The Deer
Dina The Deer
Dina The Deer
Dina The Deer
Dina The Deer
Dina The Deer
Dina The Deer
Dina The Deer

Dina The Deer

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Dina The Deer $59.00

Explore our premium collection of handmade dolls, transcending mere toys—they embody a profound love, meticulously handcrafted with care in Vietnam. Immerse yourself in the enchanting narrative of a Women-Led enterprise, where local artisans breathe life into each doll, weaving a captivating tale inspired by Canadian wildlife.

From the design tables in Canada to the skilled hands of artisans in Vietnam, each doll embodies a harmonious blend of collaboration and care. As a proud partner of Action Against Hunger, every adopted doll contributes to providing 12 therapeutic meals to malnourished children globally.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with us, where the soul of Canada dances alongside the rhythm of compassion. Join our community and embrace the beauty of dolls that transcend borders, crafted with love and purpose.

  • Made with premium cotton (70%) and linen (30%) fabrics.
  • Filled with hypoallergenic polyfill to achieve the ideal cuddle weight.
  • Crafted with all-new materials.
  • High stitch count for durability and softness.
  • Meticulously handcrafted heirloom, ensuring a level of quality and care that transcends generations.


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What difference does my purchase create?"

1 Doll= 12 Meals

With every doll adopted into a loving home, we take pride in contributing to a noble cause by providing 12 therapeutic meals for malnourished children across the globe.

Empowering Women

Crafted within a Women- Owned & led business, these dolls provide meaningful livelihoods for local artisans, nurturing skill development and financial independence.

Ethically Sourced

We prioritize transparency, valuing the skills of our artisans in Vietnam by providing fair wages and safe working conditions.

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We Care for Our Planet

Eco Friendly Packaging

At True Little North™, we prioritize using eco-friendly packaging for our products to minimize our impact on the environment and promote sustainability. By using packaging materials that are biodegradable, compostable, or made from recycled materials, we aim to reduce waste and contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.

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